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Server Room Air Conditioning Install And Repair Birmingham & West Midlands 0800 440 444

Server rooms, often known as computer rooms, equipment rooms or plant rooms are often areas where the temperature within the rooms can be critical.  Midland Cool can help on new installs, service contracts or repair in these temperature sensitive areas. 0800 440 444. Most air conditioning systems we install and maintain in server rooms are wall mount units, however ceiling cassette systems are installed as well. Positioning of the installed air conditioner systems is important that is why Midland cool offer free site surveys to ensure you will receive the best cooling advice - call us on 0800 440 444.  So if you want a repair on your server room air conditioning, require an install fixed cooling in your UPS or Battery room, have a plant room or computer room that needs a service call 0800 440 444.

Vision your event taking place in a marquee... 0800 440 444

Vision your event taking place in a marquee.  Are you considering your event in cool summer evenings and nights, or romantic cooler Autumn or cold winter months.  Marquee heating can be a requirement all year round.  Why risk ruining a night when marquee heaters can take the chill off your marquee, tent, event or party?  Also, during other times of the year, example winter weddings, marquee heater hire adds a benefit for outdoor event heating keeping your guests warmer and help keep away seasonal chills. With our marquee heating hire, there’s no excuse for insufficient heating or cooling.  Here’s a couple of facts for you: several smaller marquee heaters are often more effective than one large one tent heater.  Portable heaters are exactly that, portable event heating can be placed near seating areas, directed to heat entrance areas and doorways, heat your gues ts in your marquee.  Whether your event is in high summer or you’re hiring a winter marquee, we are here to advise and assi

Marquee heating or cooling Autumn & Winter, for your event 0800 440 444

Image Autumn and Winter are fast approaching.  However there will still be indoor and out door events, such as parties, new product launches, Christmas parties, company corporate events, some will be indoors, some events out doors and some venue locations may be inside and outside such as pub parties and Autumn, Winter weddings.  All may requite heating, or even cooling.  This is where Midland Cool can help you - 0800 440 444 Our range of portable heaters, portable coolers are ideal to heat a marquee, heat a tent or heat your event.  Coolers can cool your marquee, cool your tent or event. From our Head Office in Birmingham, The Midlands we can hire you an event heater or cooler.  For free advice call Midland Cool now on 0800 440 444.  As our name suggests we supply to all of  the Midlands such as Derby, Matlock, Leic

It's Getting Cooler & Busier - Marquee Heating & Cooling - Midlands

Wow, what a first weekend in September for marquee heating! We have several hire orders for heating garden parties, outdoor events and to warm up tents and marquees.  At Midland Cool from our Birmingham, West Midlands Head Office just this weekend alone we have Gas Patio Heaters for outdoor garden parties, Electric Heaters to heat marquees. Also in Sutton Coldfield we have 6 Flame Gas Patio Heaters in a huge Marquee! All called our Birmingham, West Midlands Head Office on 0800 440 444 So if you have any indoor events, tent, marquee, outdoor events or parties and you are in the Midlands, why not give us a call 0800 440 444 from our Birmingham, West Midlands Head Office.  Midland Cool can supply event cooling and heating all over the East and West Midlands, also including Wolverhampton, Solihull, Sutton, Coventry, Nottingham, West Bromwich, Dudley, Tamworth and many more! These are all areas that have hav

Portable Heat From Energy Efficient Portable Radiator Micathermic Radiators

Micathermic portable radiators offer heat for many spaces. They are energy efficient portable space heaters that heat up the fins instantly. Oil filled radiators use a lot of energy in heating the oil inside. Being oil free also means the heaters are very light making them easy to move around to any space you want to supply some instant heat to. Midland Cool from our head office in Birmingham offer all types of portable heaters for hire and sale. Need heat to hire in Birmingham including Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley then call us.  Portable Micathermic radiators offer radiant heat as well as convection heat and we know of people who use them provide warmth for a covered terrace or enclosed outside area. We can think of many uses where people may need to heat. Heat an event, warm up a tent, provide back up heating for an office, hotels, hospitals, nursing home, schools and even heat a wedding party. For back up space heating for Sussex and the South East call Midland Cool a

Portable Air Conditioning Hire, Rent Or Sale In The Midlands, Birmingham

Midland Cool, Birmingham,  0800 440 444 specialise in the hire, rent and sale of portable air conditioning equipment to industry and commerce. Our mobile air conditioner range includes units for the climate control of small, large and industrial areas as well as server rooms. They are divided into four categories; small portable air conditioners – suitable for an office type environment, medium portable air conditioners – suitable for a retail type environment, industrial portable air conditioners – suitable for a warehouse type environment and server room portable air conditioners –suitable for all server room applications.  Midland Cool, Birmingham, 0800 440 444 versatile, reliable portable air conditioners are the best in the business. They're very easy to use, energy efficient, and look great too. You can chose from four different kinds of portable air conditioners from our extensive range, depending on the space you are trying to cool. Each kind has different strengths a

Data Centre & Server Room Cooling With Midland Cool - Birmingham, Acton, Walsall, Wolverhampton & Many More...

Midland Cool based in Birmingham offer various 'Critical Cooling' plans to suit whatever needs.  If you have made valuable investments in IT, Data Centres, Server Rooms and Telecom Facilities these could be wasted if the correct temperatures are not maintained: imagine the disruption and financial losses if your business-critical equipment failed? Air conditioning systems, UPS, and Generators provide peace of mind when they are working. But when they don’t, how will you know? Can you take action before your hardware is damaged? If a failure happens Saturday evening will it be Monday morning before you realise?  Air conditioning systems in data centres & server rooms consistently prove to be single points of failure with extreme heat resulting in failed hardware. In a survey carried out last year 45.7% of IT managers questioned had experienced at least one air-conditioning failure in a server room or data centre in the last year. This figure is significant insofa

Patio Heater Hire - Birmingham & Surrounded Areas

Despite the weather due to warm up for the upcoming week, the evening temperatures are still looking to be quite chilly. Midland Cool in Birmingham have launched a separate website with great offers for the hire of patio heaters for your evening garden parties, weddings, outdoor events or shows/festivals.  Covering southern areas including Ascocks Green, Aston, Bromford, Warstock and Yardley with the choice to hire or rent either gas, or electric patio heaters, we are sure we can accommodate any requirement with unbeatable prices. Looking to hire a patio heater in Birmingham? Our special offer also covers areas Wolverhampton, Sutton, Kidderminster, Dudley and Walsall - WV1, DY3, B62, WS1 and  in postcodes.  So, what are our prices? We believe the price you see is the price you should pay, a thought not shared by our competitors. Most of whom bury extra charges deep within the buying process, things like Delivery, Minimum hire charges, Gas and even VAT.  Our gas patio heaters s

Our Other Services..

For years people saw Midland Cool as hirers of portable air conditioner units to comfort cool offices and to supply emergency cooling for server rooms, additional back up cooling for critical equipment and so on. And that was all we did. However more of our customers wanted installation of cooling equipment so we set up a team of air conditioning engineers to carry out installs, service repair and maintain all types of air conditioner systems. Since then we have grown with the times, most installed air conditioner systems are very energy efficient using super inverted technology. We supply all makes including Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, and a full range of installed heat pumps too. Midland Cool's head office is in are located in Birmingham, West Midlands with a warehouse in Bristol. Other services we supply that compliment our range of portable air conditioner units hire or sale are duct work cleaning, critical cooling plans, call outs for repair of a broken cooling sy

Heating, Cooling & Drying For The Hotel, Leisure, Events & Corporate Hospitalities – 0800 440 44

Within the indoor leisure, hotel, in door events and corporate hospitality industries it is important that climate control systems, that include heating to keep the customer warm, dry and have the option often to keep cool without the need to have a wide open window. However it may be the case that the heating system in a hotel room may fail, or the heating system in multiple rooms breaks down. Maybe an outdoor event such as a large marquee or tent requires temporary back up cooling or heating.  Pipes can burst of heavy downpours of rain can cause damp, mould or soaked carpets. Midland Cool can help – 0800 440 444  Quite often, even in cooler months, hotel rooms, conference rooms, hospitality areas, indoor and outdoor events may need cooling down even for a day or a night. We can help – 0800 440 444  Midland Cool offers a reliable, cost effective back up portable room heaters, portable room air conditioner units and portable dehumidifiers. – 0800 440 444. We supply portable

Your Event Is Important To You Of Course! 0800 440 444

Cool down, warm up your event. Hire portable heater, portable evaporative cooler, rent a portable air conditioner unit for your event.  Events are all year round. Clients attending sporting event, weddings, parties, exhibitions, product launches, Christmas events, hotel banquets, company meetings and corporate events. Events are all year round.  Midland Cool, and on 0800 440 444 can help you cool down and warm up or even dehumidify your event. Is your event indoors, outside event/ Maybe your event is a tent or marquee, a temporary event structure? Many events can be a combination of the above! Weddings are a good example of inside and outside events. 0800 440 444 From our head office in Birmingham. Midland Cool and hire a heater we provide for event cooling and heating the following-  - Portable heaters for hire and sale. - Gas and electric patio heaters for hire and sale - Portable fans, air movers for hire or sale - Portab

Are You Looking For Outdoor Heating Or Cooling... Call Us Today We Can Help!

Midland Cool based in Birmingham, 0800 440 444  can provide Event Heating and Cooling across Midlands which borders South East England, South West England, North West England, Yorkshire and Humber. We can hire for your event portable outdoor or indoor heat pump, portable evaporative coolers or fans for your corporate events, marquess, tents and weddings.  Midland Cool based in Birmingham, 0800 440 444 also have the latest energy efficient heat pump and spot cooler by Weltem - Directional heating and cooling from an energy efficient portable unit! Need advice for your event cooling and heating, please call Midland Cool 0800 440 444. We can also visit site and advise on the best event cooling or heating solution for your budget.

Hire Or Buy A Energy Efficient Portable Heat Pump

We have available energy efficient portable fan heat pump units, on wheels! Available for hire, rent, sale, purchase your portable room heat pump unit. Heat pumps offer energy efficient heating and quite often cooling as well. The 2 units in the pictures are portable air conditioner cooling units as well as portable energy efficient heat pumps. The warm air is supplied via a fan. From our range of heat pump portable heaters for example you can get a 5kw fan heater, running from a 13 amp 240v plug socket! A rated energy! So reduce your portable heat for hire running costs, get more kw of heat from an energy efficient portable heat pump fan heater. Oil filled radiators use a lot of energy to provide heat where as a portable heat pump uses less. Let Daikin explain here about how they work -