R32 refrigerant gas for installed airconditioning systems - for advice call Midland Cool on 0800 440 444

Midland Cool have drafted up a long read below regarding the introduction of one of the latest refrigerant gas for installed wall mount, ceiling mount cassette and floor type air conditioning systems.  Manufacturers include Mitsubishi Daikin Fujitsu Daikin and Panasonic
Hope you enjoy the read and we will publish soon about new gasses used in portable air conditioning systems also.

In 1999 the Kyoto Protocol on global warming listed HFC refrigerants that were contributing to the global warming. This, in turn, led to the introduction of F-Gas regulations in Europe and at the start of January 2015 the next stage of F-gas laws was introduced which detailed the phase down of HFC refrigerant.
It is important to note though that this is a phase down and NOT a phase out – with regulations now based on the tonnes of CO2 equivalent of all refrigerants sold or traded in Europe.
The air conditioning market moved over to R410a refrigerant in 2006 as it offered high eff…

Midland Cool advises on Server Room Temperatures

To protect business-critical equipment from data storage problems or system crashes, it is essential to ensure that the temperature in server rooms or data centres stays within certain limits.
With many housing large amounts of equipment, the heat generated can potentially cause computers and networking equipment to fail as they are designed to work within a fairly narrow temperature range.
What temperature is right? Air conditioning should be considered crucial for any server room. Technology experts recommend a server room temperature of between 18ºC to 27ºC and not less than 10°C or above 28°C.Relative humidity should be between 45-50% to stop damaging static electricity building up.
Even a few degrees too hot can blow a server chip or cause permanent damage to hard drives.The cost of a serious server failure can be considerable – not only the cost of replacement, but lost online business, lost customer details, wasted staff time etc.
How do you maintain the right temperature? Even if ev…

Hire or buy patio heater, portable gas space heater or portable electric heaters, Midland Cool 0800 440 444

Midland Cool on 0800 440 444 provide patio heater hire for events or parties.  Portable space heaters for hire for marquees and events, heat your product launch or corporate event.  Outdoor event heating and indoor marquee heating with gas or electric heaters.Hire patio heater web site 0800 440 444

Midland Cool from our head office in Slatley, near Vauxhall in Birmingham, West Midlands provide portable heat for hire and sale throughout the East and West Midlands, including Coventry, central Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Sutton Coldfield. 

For free advice call 0800 440 444 or e mail

Servicing, maintenance and fixed air conditioning installations is what we do best! 0800 440 444

Midland Cool, head office based in Birmingham 0800 440 444 are super busy when it comes to servicing fixed air conditioning equipment for customers old and new.

It's important to book in service checks with Midland Cool 0800 440 444 because if a service is not carried out it can then lead to many difficulties in the future with the equipment and it also won't give you the complete cooling and heating sensation that you were looking for the begin with.

Our engineers at Midland Cool 0800 440 444 are fully qualified and have been carrying out service checks for years - which is why we're the best air conditioning firm around Birmingham!

We have carried out services around Alum Rock, Hill Wood, Ley Hill, South Woodgate and Stockfield

We service many air conditioning equipment in areas around B1, B7 and WR10 for example such as: schools, server rooms, hospitals, retail shops, offices and the list goes on!
Maintenance checks and servicing are also important because the equipment can…

Attending Greater Birmingham Chamber Expo 2017? So are we!

Midland Cool head office in Birmingham, B7, just off the Heartland Parkway, will be attending the Autumn Expo of The Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce on Friday 27th October 2017. 
The event is at Villa Park, the home of Aston Villa football club. 
If anyone would like to discuss installed fixed air conditioning, either install of new, repair or maintenance contracts.  Used for energy efficient cooling and heat pump please e mail or call 0800 440 444.  We can meet at the Chamber Expo 2017 or we can visit your premises?
Are you having an event, or do you plan events or install marquees, to discuss event heating, event cooling again e mail or call 0800 440 444.

We look forward to the Expo next week.

Further information about the event:
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Installed Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance Work For Customers In Birmingham & Surrounding Areas 0800 440 444

Midland Cool from our Birmingham office near Saltley and Vauxhall, in Mainstream Way B7 opposite Greggs the bakers - carry out installed air conditioning repair and maintenance work for customers.  By calling 0800 440 444 we can give specialist advice on your air conditioning requirement and even carry out a free site survey.

Occasionally we get asked to work in some very tight spaces, see the picture.
A restaurant just off Broad Street in Birmingham, B2, contacted Midland Cool as their installed air conditioning was not working as efficiently as it had been.  The restaurant had fixed air conditioning, a Fujitsu cassette in the customer area, to keep customers cool and by the restaurant bar area a Fujitsu wall unit to keep the bar area cool.  Both systems were not working efficiently.  In Broad Street Birmingham completion between bars, pubs and restaurants is massive, keeping customers cool and comfortable is really important.
We anticipated the indoor air conditioning systems were dirt…

Server Room Air Conditioning Install And Repair Birmingham & West Midlands 0800 440 444

Server rooms, often known as computer rooms, equipment rooms or plant rooms are often areas where the temperature within the rooms can be critical. 

Midland Cool can help on new installs, service contracts or repair in these temperature sensitive areas. 0800 440 444.

Most air conditioning systems we install and maintain in server rooms are wall mount units, however ceiling cassette systems are installed as well. Positioning of the installed air conditioner systems is important that is why Midland cool offer free site surveys to ensure you will receive the best cooling advice - call us on 0800 440 444. 

So if you want a repair on your server room air conditioning, require an install fixed cooling in your UPS or Battery room, have a plant room or computer room that needs a service call 0800 440 444.